BRAG Writers

BRAG Writers is a group dedicated to artistic expression and creative licence. If your work has Quality we want to see it. Running out of Manchester, UK, our team is passionate about what we do, what we write, and having a good time. 

The seeds of BRAG were born in a conversation between Editor in Chief Brandon T. Bennett and Poetry Editor William S. Barnard, but it wasn't until a merry evening in Manchester's own infamous Mother Mac's in January 2020 that the ball began rolling. 

If you're interested in what BRAG 'means' we may, one day, decide to tell you. Until then consider it an attitude towards writing. Consider it as a pursuit for Quality. Being. Becoming.

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for our venture. 

Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of writing!


In furor poeticus, 

BRAG Writers. 

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Twitter: @BragWriters 

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