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Interviews and Articles 

If you're looking for our take, then this is it.

In this new guff-filled section, we will take you down the rabbit hole of our braggarts souls. Deep, deep down into how we see this world.


With exclusive interviews and special articles from our editors. With that being said, you are cordially invited to: 

The Meeting Place:

Interviews and Articles 


Take a deep dive into the twisted mind of Mr Nefarious himself.

By Kaolan O'Connor


A thrilling tale of miss adventure and zany characters. Written by the man that believes that this is in fact what it is. A trip through a lost man's profiteering of something he could never quite explain. 

By Reginald bolton 


Read for the tale of Chief Braggart’s interview with fine line artist Jim Kite, and the story behind Issue I cover art Oldham Street.

By Brandon Bennett  

store mag.jpg

A fine poem from the legend him self Paul Evans, featured in BRAG Issue: I

By Paul Evans   

store mag.jpg

A powerful poem from a soon to be powerful force in the poetic world, featured in BRAG Issue: I 

By Carmen Sacalus

lexicon dyslexia pic.jpeg

The strange ethos behind odd mind and confused word smiths. The lexicon Dyslexia is a guild to complete freedom in the literary world. From Dyslexic minds for those who struggle with words and other trivial communication.

By Reginald Bolton

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