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Submit to BRAG Writers Literary Magazine


We are currently open for submissions.
01/02/2022 - 15/04/2022
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Submission Guidance


 - Your poetry submission should be no longer than one poem per page, and three poems in total (apart from a sequence of small poems, such as haikus).

- Contain the submitters full name and email address at the top of each page.

- Should be sent as ONE single PDF file named as followed:



- Font size: 12

- Typeface: Georgia. 

- Submit your work to our Poetry Editor, Will S. Barnard, at

Smoke-Long Paranoia:

- Things for Issue II are different. BRAG is looking for your Paranoia Fiction. We want the best work from our uncanny world.

- Should be sent as ONE single PDF or Word file named as followed:


- Font size: 12

- Typeface: Georgia

- Line spacing: 1.15


- Submit no more than 600 words, to our Smoke-Long Fiction Editor, Kaolan O'Connor, at

Short Fiction:

- Our Editors want the best of your short fiction, your 'Anything Human' 

- Should be sent as ONE single PDF or Word file named as followed:


- Font size: 12

- Typeface: Georgia 

- Line spacing: 1.15

- Submit up to 2,000 words of your best short fiction, to Editors Brandon T. Bennett & Rebecca Barber, at


Please, send us your work in an A5 document. This will speed up the editing process and help us move into a material Issue 4 that bit smoother. 


Please, let us know how you found out about BRAG. 

Along with your submission, send a short third-person bio / cover letter in the main body of the email. Do not include this as a separate document. 

In the subject bar include your name and category of submission. 

The best way to find out what BRAG is about is to buy a copy. Not only will this give you a better idea about what you're getting into, but also support an independently funded up-and-coming magazine. 

Do note that at this time (other than to put your name in a beautiful print publication) we are unable to compensate you for your work. However, we have plans for the future. 


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