Meet BRAG Writers

Brandon T. Bennett

Editor Chief

Brandon is Editor Chief, and all around mind man of BRAG. Brandon's vision is why we are all on this journey. He's all geared up to "feast on your Quality." Favourite writers include Robert M. Pirsig, Sartre, Bataille, Ted Hughes, Bukowski, Anne Carson, Palahniuk, and Brett Easton Ellis. 

Twitter: @BrandonThomasB

Instagram: @brandontbennett

Will S. Barnard

Poetry Editor

Our Poetry Editor Will S. Barnard. This Newcastle University graduate says he looks forward to “eating your poems.” His favourite poets include Plath, Emily Berry, Anne Carson, and Hughes. A fan of marram grass and distrusts the internet.

Twitter: @WilliamSBarnar1

Instagram: @crunchtymebby

Mr. Kaolan O'Connor

Editor of Smoke-Long Horror

Kaolan O’Connor is our in-house miscreant and Editor of Smoke-Long Horror. He’s ready to “inspect your bin bag bodies and pick at your soul.” Favourite writers include Neil Gaiman, Hunter S Thompson, and Franz Kafka.

Twitter: @KaolanC

Instagram: @kaolaaan

Rebecca Barber

Editor of Short Fiction


The team at BRAG are pleasantly pleased to introduce you to our new Editor of Short Fiction: resident female and Northerner, Rebecca Barber. Rebecca’s poem 'Maternal' featured in Issue I, and she is currently in her last year of English and Creative Writing at MMU. Some of her favourite writers include; Toni Morrison, Ira Levin, Shirley Jackson and Margaret Atwood. She is a big fan of bribes in the way of cheese and/or red wine.

Instagram: @rebeccajbarber

Reginald K Bolton

Writer and Tech Wizard

Reggie Bolton is a creative tech wizard. Over the past few years Reggie has worked on owning his dyslexia, and developing a distinct style which he has coined ‘Dyslexic Nouveau’. Reggie is to thank for the mechanics and sleek set-up of our website, and he's excited to show the world what he has to offer. Favourite writers include Philip K. Dick, Hunter S. Thompson, and Anthony Burch.

Twitter: @Reggiebolton3

Instagram: @Reggie_Bolton