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             Louis Glazzard's Poetry Workshop: Re-Imaging Stories

Image by Viva Luna Studios

What's Involved?


Why Louis?

In this poetry workshop, you will be looking at famous stories and other sources of inspiration in order to re-image or re-tell them in order to capture a new aspect of the tale which better reflects our own experiences. 


The aims of this poetry workshop in Manchester, or online, is for attendees to produce their own written work in response to the material. There will be a sharing / discussion space for work created, and your work may be featured online on Louis' or the BRAG social medias depending on the attendees wishes.  

Louis is able to conduct workshops in person or online via zoom. His in person poetry workshops will take place in Manchester. 

Louis encourages any individuals and groups to get involved. Group discounts are available. 

This workshop can be booked much like any appointment. Simply contact us today in order to discuss availability. 

This poetry workshop would make a fantastic gift for friends and family. 

Louis is a norther, queer, working class poet living in Manchester. Louis' work has appeared on the BBC, in issue I of BRAG, and in many other reputable presses. His debut collection Human Men is out now. 


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