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Contributor News: Human Men

In Human Men, Louis writes about the traumatic upbringing of his alcoholic father. As Louis discovered his queerness, there is a contradiction. How can we build relationships with men when our early examples of masculinity were so destructive?

Louis writes in the opening statement - ‘When I started interacting with men, when I started loving men, the feelings I had about growing up a bullied queer and having an abusive father were an open wound’.

The poetry in Human Men is a confessional response to toxic masculinity throughout the author's life as he navigates hook up culture, dating apps and relationships. It is the authors first poetry collection.

Louis first blew BRAG away with his poem Now He's Gone in Issue I. An updated version exists within Human Men, and we are excited to see what has become of it. Since his publication in BRAG, Louis has gone on to be awarded Arts Council funding, and has become host to many entertaining poetry evenings online.

As a Manchester based poet, we love to see Louis thrive.

Illustration by Caitlin McLoughlin

Book design and cover by Caitlin McLoughlin

Edited by Daunish Negargar

Early development supported by Arts Council England and the National Lottery

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