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Introducing Nicholas Royle

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Nicholas Royle is a celebrated writer and publisher based out of Manchester, and it is a great pleasure that we are able to announce Nicholas will be joining our gaggle of listed advocates. As an advocate for BRAG literary magazine, Nicholas will enjoy the privilege of being pestered with questions and advice. This blog will explore a little of the literary history of Nicholas Royle.


Since it was established, Nightjar Press has become a well-known, well-respected publisher of fantastic and new short stories. The refreshing publishing house is brought to you by the team behind the 1990's award-winning Egerton Press. Nightjar Press is comprised of publisher and editor Nicholas, and designer John Oakey. You can browse their titles online.


A list of Nicholas' publications can be found on his website, however a few notable and recent additions to his repertoire include London Gothic and White Spines.


As well as BRAG, and many other fantastic new publishers, Nicholas is an avid supporter / critic of The Woodford Can Appreciation Society (@woodfordcan on twitter).

It is for all these reasons and more that the BRAG Team sincerely welcome Nicholas into the fold.

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