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'BRAG is a delicate triumph of the Manchester lockdown.'

- Joe Stretch, Novelist & Advocate of BRAG Magazine.


We’ve stepped it up a gear.  Grab a physical copy of BRAG that includes the following, and more:


  • Brand new advocate Andrew McMillan.
  • Exclusive new poetry from Karen Solie.
  • Poetry edited by Will S. Barnard.
  • NEW Smoke-Long Paranoia edited by Kaolan O’Connor.
  • Short Fiction co-edited by Rebecca J. Barber & Brandon T. Bennett.
  • Translated Welsh-to-English poetry by Lowri Williams.
  • Asemic Drawings by Luby Cunningham.
  • Dyslexic nouveau by Reginald bolton.
  • Interviews with Angel Nokonoko of NokNok.
  • Cover Art by Miles Lounsbach.

BRAG Issue II: "Anything Human"

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