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The BRAG Poetry Prize


2021 Poetry Prize Winners

View the shortlist here

The BRAG Poetry Prize is CLOSED.

1st Place - £100 and publication. 

2nd Place - £25 and publication. 

3rd Prize - Publication.

A proportion of any proceeds we may make will find their way to our chosen Peat Conservation Charity.

Submission Rules & Guidance:

- Entry fee is £5 per poem, or £3 for students or unwaged individuals. Please provide proof of payment in the form of your order number within your submission email. 

- If you have ever purchased a copy of BRAG, you are entitled to an additional two free entries on top of your first paid entry. Simply provide us with your order number. 

- Your submission should be no longer than one poem per page. All work should be your own, and previously unpublished.

- Anything submitted outside of the submission window will not be considered, and refunds will not be considered. 

- Contain the submitters full name and email address at the top of each submission.

- Should be sent as ONE single PDF file named as followed:


- Submit your work to our editors, Will S. Barnard & Brandon T. Bennett, at


Please, let us know how you found out about BRAG. 

Please, follow our guidelines carefully 

The best way to find out what BRAG is about is to buy a copy. Not only will this give you a better idea about what you're getting into, but you'll also be supporting an independent literary magazine in the North West. 


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