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Poetry Prize Winners

In December 2021 we released the shortlist for the inaugural BRAG Poetry Prize which boasted six wonderful poets. BRAG editors Brandon and Will came to this six through hours of deliberation, and had to make some tough decisions. Eventually, as all things eventually do, they got there and we couldn't be prouder of the selection. All of these poets should feel as though they have achieved something important (because they have).

The shortlist, however, had to shortened. The three winners chosen. The money dished out. Realising this, Brandon and Will took a three week holiday from decision making and got back to it mid-January. Eventually, again, they got there. The decision was made. The winners of the BRAG Poetry Prize were chosen. The money was - indeed -dished out.

The Winners

1st Prize (£100 + Print Publication): Old Soldiers - Mike Nappi

2nd Prize (£25 + Print Publication): I am become a woman - Betty Doyle

3rd Prize (Print Publication): It's a Shame - Julie Chang

Each one of our winners wrote something fantastic, unique, and crafted. Congratulations to each and every one of them. Along with the prize money, our winners will be published in the upcoming BRAG Issue 4. You can find submission details online now. Issue 4 will see a slight change in tone as we move away from issue titles. We can't wait to get it out into the world.

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