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Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Welcome to the blog for BRAG Writers Literary Magazine, based out of Manchester, with bases in Edinburgh and London. Since our inception BRAG has landed in countries across the globe, including the US and India. In our blog you can expect regular updates on upcoming issues, events, and insights into the world of BRAG. BRAG is a print literary magazine, and can be found in a number of bookstores across Manchester, and online.

BRAG has been referred to as a 'delicate triumph of the Manchester Lockdown' by Joe Stretch, writer, novelist, and senior lecturer at MMU. BRAG is also featured in No. 6168 of The Times Literary Supplement, with thanks to Manchester writer Nicholas Royle.

BRAG Writers

The BRAG Team is comprised of a group of friends that met whilst studying at Manchester Metropolitan University, who have since graduated, as well as Newcastle University graduate Will Barnard (who, of course, is also a friend). BRAG strives to print Quality, and has always carried the mottos 'if not us, then who?' and 'furor poeticus'.


BRAG Writers Literary Magazine is advocated by Joe Stretch, Dr Paul Evans, and Andrew McMillan. The three have been close mentors of many members of BRAG since before its inception, and have continued to be a source of inspiration.

Issue I

Issue I was where it begun, it began in Berlin and was solidified in Manchester's own Mother Mac's, where the Braggarts met and decided that things would never be the same again. Issue I: 'Where Has It Gone?' was cultivated during the height of the coronavirus pandemic and was printed in October 2020. The issue featured very brag poetry, short fiction, smoke-long horror, and interviews. Issue I featured exclusive new poetry from Dr Paul Evans, and is available to purchase online.

Issue II

Issue II: 'Anything Human' was a natural and thought provoking sequel, which saw the editors hone their skillset and really solidify the work they were doing. Issue II saw the striking poetry of Karen Solie, and the art work of Miles Lounsbach. This instalment also saw smoke-long horror transition into smoke-long paranoia.

Issue II is available to purchase through our online store.

Issue III

Issue III: 'What Matters Now?' is still in the works. The third instalment of BRAG Writers Literary Magazine sees interviews with Tom Branfoot on his debut pamphlet 'I'll Splinter' (Pariah Press) and cover art from photographer Lewis Lafond.

Grab a BRAG

If you're interested don't hesitate to order a copy online, we also have bundle deals available. If you'd like to discuss stocking BRAG in your store don't hesitate to get in touch via email on

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